Borderlands 3 to Feature a Ping System ala Apex Legends

Yolanda Curtis
July 11, 2019

During Friday's panel "Borderlands 3: At the Corner of Social and Streaming", Gearbox shared new details about three key aspects of the Borderlands 3 experience: social features, livestreaming tools, and accessibility options. Along with this ping mechanic, Borderlands 3 will include adjustable closed captioning and the ability to remap every button on the controller.

Even when you're not actually playing with friends, they'll still have a presence. Lilith, one of the player characters from the first Borderlands game, recruits the player's new "Vault Hunter" character to help stop the Calypso twins.

Borderlands 3 will remain in many ways faithful to the consolidated features of the series, but will not fail to offer some interesting news to the fans. But while previously, disputes were settled in a strictly 1v1 affair, the new system will allow free-for-all dueling, letting all players duke it out in a 1v1v1v1 battle instead.

Borderlands 3 will allow you to play whilst matchmaking, allowing you to finish some busywork while you wait to find some friends.

Gearbox is also building upon its ECHOcast Twitch extension that allows viewers to look through a streamer's loadout/skilltrees and earn in-game loot. This is the same for obtaining in-game loot during the stream, so make sure to connect these two services together if you plan on watching a lot of streamers when the game releases. If certain conditions are met Twitch viewers can spawn events in a streamer's game.

When is Borderlands 3 Coming Out? In a follow-up blog post, Gearbox said that the feature - which is "particularly useful if you play cooperatively without a mic" will allow you to "quickly and effectively communicate the positions of enemies, loot chests, guns, and other points of interest".

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