Android app with over 10 million installs found to be fake

Yolanda Curtis
July 10, 2019

Since there is no death to these app store options, we made a decision to bring you the best alternatives to Aptiode to choose from. It promised to update Samsung devices to the latest firmware but the app wasn't created by Samsung. This means that the app store offers quality over quantity. This is an approximately 2.8 times bigger volume than the first-time downloads on iOS for the first half of this year. Shockingly, the application offered an annual subscription of U.S. $ 34.99 in exchange for allowing users to download the latest software updates in exchange for high-speed downloads which are freely available in fact (explained later).

A difference between the two platforms is that Apple users give more money for apps as opposed to Android users. The only thing you can do is delete the app immediately. All this happened in spite of Google Play Store featuring more apps and having a more extended user base. As per the report, the app was installed by over 10 million users.

The app store allows users to access the older app versions, and to get a beta version of an app without needing to be a developer.

In addition, the process for signing up didn't use Google's payment system. The different categories the apps' are labeled into are displayed on the main page of the website, so are easy to spot. Apathy is, even after the researcher sent a message to Google asking them to consider the deletion of the particular app from Google Play store but no action has been taken until now. The objective of the app store is to offer developers a quick and easy method to expand the reach of their apps and develop their business.

These five alternatives to ACMarket are among the best app stores out there. No matter which Aptiode substitute you choose between the ones described above, it will perform great as they are the best options you can get on the market.

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