Amazon package-shaped birthday cake surprises home-delivery fan

Andrew Cummings
July 29, 2019

When you were a kid, you might have a birthday cake with your favourite superhero or cartoon character on - the Power Rangers were a personal fave.

Emily McGuire received this from her husband thinking it was an Amazon package.

McGuire's obvious love for the online retail giant prompted her husband to surprise her with a birthday cake last week that was modeled after one of her weekly deliveries. Emily said. Take a closer look at the hilariously realistic cake ahead.

While Emily isn't the only person whose spouse has given them an Amazon-related surprise, I sure hope she has more Amazon-inspired birthday gifts to look forward to in the future. Emily's Amazon "package" was actually a triple-layer chocolate cake covered in buttercream. Yum!

She took to Facebook to flaunt the lovely cake and people are loving it.

"In that moment, I knew my husband 'gets me, '" McGuire told CafeMom.

It's only when you read the address, however, that you can tell it's not quite what it appears to be. "I need this", wrote one woman. I suppose its a most hard task for every husband.

Another fan added: "That cake has my name written all over it!"

The cake was the mirror image of an Amazon box, complete with shipping label and packing tape. "I thought it was just a box at first".

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