Vivo to Showcase 120W Ultra Fast Charging at MWC 2019 Shanghai

Yolanda Curtis
June 20, 2019

This much amount of power is likely to leapfrog any other fast charging solution now available in the market. Faster charging has drawbacks associated with it, like heat buildup due to slow and inadequate heat dissipation, and increased rate of battery degradation, and the companies which have demonstrated these technologies have not really detailed what they are doing to tackle the drawbacks.

Vivo isn't the only company to boast charging speeds of over 100W. In comparison to Xiaomi's tech, the 120W Super FlashCharge technology can charge the same-sized battery in lesser time.

Oppo and Huawei stood out past year thanks to their super-fast charging technology, but Vivo thinks it can do much better than that. The demo showed the battery reaching 50 percent capacity in 5 minutes. The latest from VIVO is a 120W super Flashcharge tech that relegates Xiaomi's 100W fast charging tech. However, there are speculations the tech could first feature in VIVO's 5G phone which will be announced at the same event.

Vivo's fastest charging phone is an Iqoo flagship that supports 44W charging.

Vivo is the company that created a FlashCharge tech that works at 120W, requiring just around 13 minutes to go from 0 to 100%. The company did not confirm on when it will begin the mass production of the technology. A 50% charge from zero will take just five minutes.

Having said that, it seems like Vivo is still testing out the 120W FlashCharge technology and while we should get more details at MWC 2019 Shanghai, we are not expecting a phone with the insanely fast charging technology, although Vivo is launching its first 5G phone at the expo.

MWC 2019 Shanghai is set to take place between June 26 and June 28.

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