Twitch now lets streamers make broadcasts exclusive to paid viewers

Yolanda Curtis
June 29, 2019

If a viewer subscribers to a channel at any tier, including Twitch Prime, they will be able to access exclusive Subscriber Streams.

Subscriber Streams will act as a private show, letting viewers who subscribe at any tier or using Twitch Prime tune into the stream. Partners and Affiliates without a Community Guidelines violation within their last 90 unique broadcast days can now reward some of their biggest supporters with Subscriber Streams - out today in beta. If someone isn't a subscriber, a preview of the stream will play for them and they can decide if they want to subscribe and join in. The decision to add Subscriber Streams has been met with a degree of backlash, though it's also been met with excitement from content creators.

Streaming platform Twitch has unveiled a new tool that lets creators host "subscribe only" broadcasts.

There's no word yet if Twitch plans to allow non-Partners and non-Affiliates to broadcast Subscriber Streams.

On the other hand, Subscriber Streams could provide a new avenue of income for streamers, especially those who work hard at their craft.

A viewer who is not a subscriber will have a free preview of a few minutes where they will be able to watch the sub only stream before having to become subscribed to the channel in order to keep watching. The tag will always appear first, and can not be removed. Plus, if anyone were able to start a subscriber stream, it would probably be significantly harder for Twitch to monitor them and prevent inappropriate content.

As for what unfulfilled need Subscriber Streams will address, that's a little less clear.

It looks like we'll have to wait and see, as Subscriber Streams are just beginning to roll out through a beta test period.

A more detailed rundown of Subscriber Streams, including an FAQ for content creators, is available on the Twitch help site. Are you a content creator looking forward to testing out the feature with your subscribers?

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