Trump flips script on Dem outrage over comments on foreign dirt

Cheryl Sanders
June 15, 2019

Trump's son Donald Trump Jr was questioned by a US Senate committee on Wednesday in a closed session about a June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower in NY.

When Stephanopoulos referenced FBI Director Christopher Wray's directive that those who receive incriminating information on a presidential candidate from a foreign power call the bureau, Trump said: "The FBI director is wrong".

"It's not an interference". Hope Hicks to testify Democrats in the House and Senate continue to seek testimony and information as they press the president with multiple investigations, mostly related to Russian Federation meddling, obstruction and the 2016 election.

Asked in an interview with U.S. television network ABC News if he would accept information from Russian Federation or China or alert the FBI, Mr Trump said: "I think maybe you do both".

In his ABC interview, Trump said if such sources had dirt on opponents "I think I'd take it".

The mainstream media went nuts.

However, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy vehemently defended the president in his weekly press conference, saying that "I know this president would not want any foreign government interfering in our elections". "Even in a presidency that long ago burned through all conceivable superlatives, Trump's statement was a stunner", wrote former reporter Stephen Collinson.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Thursday chalked up President Trump's foreign dirt remark to the President simply not knowing the difference between right and wrong.

Filled with explosive and in some cases apparently completely erroneous claims about Trump's links to Russian Federation, the report was eventually handed over to United States law enforcement, adding fuel to a massive official probe led by special counsel Robert Mueller.

The Democratic-led House, in an escalation of wide-ranging probes of Trump and his inner circle, on Tuesday voted to give lawmakers clear authority to sue Trump administration figures who defy congressional subpoenas.

When the interviewer, George Stephanopoulos, noted that the FBI director had said a candidate should call, Trump snapped, "The FBI director is wrong".

Trump compared damaging information on an opponent supplied by a foreign government to opposition research conducted by all political campaigns.

"It's not an interference", he said in an interview with ABC News, describing it as "opposition research". It is a threat to our national security. "How ridiculous! I would never be trusted again", he tweeted.

During the campaign, Trump praised WikiLeaks, which released a trove of hacked Democratic National Committee emails.

Trump's remarks came as his son Donald Trump Jr. testified in a closed-door hearing with the Senate Intelligence Committee on Wednesday.

FBI Director Christopher Wray said Donald Trump Jr. should have reported the Russian offer for information about the Clinton campaign, but Trump, who nominated Wray to the role in 2017, countered that "life doesn't work like that".

The Republicans' 2012 presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, now senator from Utah, said his campaign would have immediately notified the authorities if offered foreign help. "I think every past presidential campaign - Republican or Democrat - would have recognized that obligation".

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