Toyota adding automatic engine shutoff and automatic park to many 2020 models

Andrew Cummings
June 17, 2019

Starting with the 2020 model year, vehicles will be programmed to automatically shut off the engine after a predetermined period of time in case the ignition is inadvertently left on.

Automatic Shut Off and Automatic Park should roll out shortly.

Toyota has announced a set of new automated features that aim make its cars greener and safer in future. A New York Times story last year noted the deaths of some 28 drivers over 12 years, in which the drivers unintentionally left their cars running in their garages. In fact, the company says it is "relentless" in its commitment to continued safety.

The first safety tech that we will be seeing on mot 2020 Toyota models is the Auto Shut Off feature which will help turn off the engine of the vehicle automatically after a certain period.

The automatic engine shut off or "Auto Shut Off" with an enhanced audible and visual warning will be added to its Smart Key System.

Toyota also doesn't say when these features will begin to be rolled out, but with some 2020 model Toyotas already on sale now, it should be very soon.

Automatic Park is a system created to help prevent any rollaway issues.

Automatic Park will be deployed only on cars equipped with electronic shifting and will either shift the vehicle in park or apply the electronic brake.

The 2020 model year will also bring automatic park for any vehicles equipped with an electronic means of shifting and/or applying the parking brake.

Toyota vehicles have had "engine on" warnings since 2003, the automaker said in its announcement. It will automatically include the e-brake if the driver forgot to translate the box lever in the "Parking lot" coming out of the vehicle. This feature has been offered in the United States market since the early 2000s and is now very common on new cars.

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