Stansted Airport bomb threat: RAF fighter jets escorting Air India flight

Cheryl Sanders
June 27, 2019

The airline earlier tweeted that its flight from Mumbai to Newark landed in London "due to bomb threat".

Flight AI 191 to Newark International Airport, an airport in New Jersey serving New York City, took off from Mumbai International Airport on Thursday morning but made an emergency landing at approximately 9.50am United Kingdom time.

Two Typhoon jets raced to the airport to escort the plane following the bomb threat.

The BBC had quoted UK's Ministry of Defence as saying that Royal Air Force (RAF) Typhoon fighter jets escorted the aircraft as it made its landing. The official said that the plane is now back in air.

The Air India flight was left at an "isolated stand away from the normal airport operations", the airport said.

An aircraft was diverted to Stansted Airport at around 9.50am today following reports of a security alert.

"Our runway has now re-opened and is fully operational following a precautionary landing of Air India flight".

London Stansted Airport tweeted that their runway had reopened after the "precautionary" landing of Air India flight 191.

An RAF spokesman said: "The RAF can confirm Quick Reaction Alert Typhoon aircraft were launched this morning from RAF Coningsby to intercept a civilian aircraft".

The planes travel at supersonic speed, potentially creating a sonic boom. "We are sorry for any disruption caused by the incident and would like to thank you for your patience", the statement added.

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