New York latest state to approve driver's licenses for illegal immigrants

Pablo Tucker
June 19, 2019

Andrew Cuomo signed a bill Monday that will allow undocumented immigrants to obtain driver's licenses in the state.

'In a time when immigrants are being scapegoated for every ill in our country, this is our opportunity for NY state to show our courage and strength and stand up for the marginalized communities, ' said Bronx Democrat Luis Sepúlveda, the Senate sponsor of the bill. Thomas O'Mara raged, the Post reported.

"Just like their new law giving free taxpayer-funded college tuition assistance to illegal immigrants, providing driver's licenses to those here illegally creates a strong disincentive for anyone to ever follow our nation's immigration laws", Republican state senator Fred Akshar said in a press release ahead of the vote on the Green Light Bill. The state assembly passed a measure last week that would allow it, and the Democratic senate gave its stamp of approval Monday evening. It now goes to the governor for his signature. He asked for a legal review by the office of Attorney General Letitia James, who responded saying she supports the bill but wouldn't speculate on the federal response. It "also leaves hardworking, law abiding New Yorkers footing the bill", he added.

"You create a driver's license for undocumented people, you just have to make sure you do it in a way that the feds don't come in the next day and access that database with the exact opposite intention", Cuomo told WAMC Public Radio.

Cuomo has supported this policy for more than a decade, according to a statement from his office.

It is constitutional & the bill contains ample protections for those who apply for driver's licenses. "We hope the attorney general's assessment is correct for the safety of the thousands of undocumented individuals who are relying on her legal opinion".

A recent Siena poll showed that 53 percent of the voters statewide opposed the law, while 41 percent showed support for it.

"This is not about driver's licenses, this is about law and order and the United States" right to defend the sanctity and sovereignty of our borders, ' said Sen.

Many Republicans in NY opposed the measure, which was passed after Republican President Donald Trump moved to crack down on illegal immigration on several fronts.

Democrats supporting the measure argue that illegal aliens learn to drive, and get tested and insured as a result, adding to overall road safety for all.

The authors of the study suggested that, before the law took effect, illegal immigrants were more likely to flee the scene of an accident because their vehicles were unregistered and they feared having them impounded. "This decision is incredibly irresponsible", U.S. Rep.

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