Google Pixel 4 Leaked Model Hands On

Yolanda Curtis
June 12, 2019

A video released back in 2015 imagines a smartwatch and a smart speaker being controlled using hand gestures. This could mean a lot of different, and sometimes unusual, possibilities.

With the official unveiling of Google's highly-anticipated Pixel 4 lineup now just a few months away, a number of high-profile leaks have recently shed a bit more light on what we can expect to see out of Google's next-gen smartphone models.

Earlier this year, the FCC approved Project Soli, which was described in the documentation as a way "to enable touchless control of device functions or features, which can benefit users with mobility, speech, and tactile impairments".

The Pixel 3a XL is certainly a good deal at US$479 with its excellent cameras and its decent battery life, but Google has made some compromises to keep the price down. And these cameras will be housed in a square module found in the upper left-hand corner on the back of the device, very similar to what we've seen on renders of the Apple iPhone 11.

The alleged Pixel 4 renders appear to share the current Pixel 3 design featuring two-tone glass finish on the rear.

What's particularly interesting here is the camera bump on the rear side of the device, a design that is quite similar to numerous iPhone 11 leaks we've seen so far.

Word comes from 9to5Google's tip line where they've gotten word - rumor style - that a Google Soli radar chip is integrated in the Google Pixel 4 in some way.

Some have also suggested that the glossy finish on the renders lends itself to the Pixel 4 being glossy.

As always these leaks should be taken with a grain of salt.

We're not sure if this is exactly for the Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL but we'll just say from the next Pixel flagship version.

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