Fears for Merkel’s health after she violently shakes while meeting Ukrainian president

Cheryl Sanders
June 19, 2019

"She was totally safe", he said.

The two leaders were listening to a band, playing national anthems of the two countries, when Merkel started shaking and swaying around a little, footage from the scene shows.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel appeared unwell, shaking as she met with the new Ukrainian president in Berlin.

Desperate to get a grip, the German chancellor is seen pursing her lips while her entire body shook visibly.

At a later press conference Merkel said she had drunk three glasses of water in the meantime, suggesting she was dehydrated.

The incident passed without further mishap, apparently, as once the anthems had died down, Merkel proceeded to stride inside the building quickly along the red carpet with Volodymyr Zelenskiy by her side, as the two took a moment to greet the military band and take a salute.

While she waited with Mr Zelensky for the German Armed Forces' honour formation to pass, her legs and body began to tremble, raising concerns about her health.

The dpa German news agency reported that this was not the first time Mrs Merkel has been seen shaking under similar circumstances in the hot sun.

Her spokesman said she was able to carry out the appearance after having eaten and drunk something.

It is not publicly known if Mrs Merkel, who has led Germany since 2005, has any health problems.

Mrs Merkel, frequently called the European Union's most influential leader and the most powerful woman in the world, turns 65 next month. The 64-year-old politician later said she recovered from the sickly condition after drinking water.

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