Denver airport drivers get stuck in mud using Google Maps

Yolanda Curtis
June 29, 2019

However, an incident in Colorado is a good reminder that in an era when people are more and more attached to their phones, it's best to not blindly or completely believe in modern technology. This function became a whole lot less convenient for the almost 100 motorists who got stuck on a muddy dirt road near the Denver airport after following a detour suggested by the app.

Additionally, Google Maps will also inform passengers on the bus for any traffic delays.

"You'll now be able to see if your bus will be late, how long the delay will be, and more accurate travel times based on live traffic conditions along your route", said Hasaballah.

Google Maps are blessings in disguise. "It was 43 minutes initially, and it was going to be 23 instead - so I took the exit and drove where they told me to".

According to the Denver Channel, about 100 cars formed a line on the road and got stuck behind a couple of cars that couldn't make it through the mud. Then the road turned into a muddy open field, as there had been rains in the area for the past few days.

Monsees' all-wheel-drive vehicle managed to avoid getting stuck, but others weren't so lucky. Now Google tells us everything correctly.

Responding to the detour snafu, Google said the road was not marked as private. "But I think as a society we...are too wrapped up in trying to just do things quickly".

It turns out, Google may not be the best solution for all problems.

The company added that it encourages "all drivers to follow local laws, stay attentive, and use their best judgment while driving".

He thinks that people are more and more dependent on Global Positioning System apps and phones instead of real maps.

Google already had information on arrivals for subways, trains, and buses in cities that provide it with public information, but now it's offering this in other cities with traffic data it gathers on its own. People who were to board flights or pick up arriving travellers turned to Google Maps, if it could suggest any shortcut.

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