Boris Johnson vows not to work with Nigel Farage to deliver Brexit

Cheryl Sanders
June 27, 2019

"I don't think that's where we're going to end up".

In an interview with the BBC, the foreign secretary said the ability to negotiate a new Brexit deal "is about the personality of the prime minister".

At the heart of their respective campaigns is the fate of Brexit, and what will happen on October 31, the deadline set by Brussels for Britain to agree a deal for its withdrawal from the European Union.

Agreeing with Hunt, Johnson said that "it would be absolutely insane for any of us to think of going to the country and calling a general election before we get Brexit done".

"The people told us to leave and leave we must and leave we will".

Former foreign secretary Mr Johnson has said he will get the United Kingdom out of the European Union on October 31 "come what may".

Mr Raab said it would now be "far harder" for MPs to use "wrecking tactics" to block a no-deal Brexit.

Mrs May's deal has been rejected three times by MPs, but Mr Hunt said he believed that there was a better "deal to be done" with Brussels and he was the man to get it.

"If we do it in this kind of "do or die way", the risk is that we'll just trip into a general election because parliament will stop it, as they did in March, and then we'll have (opposition Labour leader Jeremy) Corbyn in Downing Street, and there will be no Brexit at all", foreign minister Hunt told BBC radio.

"It is over two weeks now since we delivered a letter to the current Prime Minister Theresa May asking that we should be allowed in to look at the state of no deal preparations".

He told Today: "The key thing for me is a no-deal Brexit would lead to endless delay and uncertainty, would let everybody down - I will work with my colleagues to prevent that happening".

He suggested Mr Hunt's willingness to seek an extension could open the door to a second referendum.

Mr. Hunt said the individual existence of Mr. Johnson was unessential yet that the applicants ought to clarify their Brexit positions - and explicitly what might another pioneer do if officials attempted to sink another administration heading towards a no-bargain Brexit.

"For somebody to have gone along with Mrs May's disastrous deal - as Jeremy Hunt did - rules them out".

"I won't fight an election until we've left the European Union because to do so would be absolutely fatal for our party", he said.

Mr Johnson's apparent hardening of his stance in guaranteeing Brexit "with or without a deal" came as former civil service chief Lord Kerslake said the October 31 pledge was "a complete hostage to fortune".

Mr Johnson has argued a provision under the general agreement on tariffs and trade, known as Article 24, would be used to avoid tariffs for up to 10 years.

Dominic Raab said Jeremy Hunt would be the EU's preferred candidate.

He said it was essential that the public debate on the issue was conducted "on the basis of fact rather than supposition".

Mr Hunt agreed, saying the party and the country were facing a "very serious situation".

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