Boris Johnson is a 'coward' for avoiding debates on Brexit - Hunt

Cheryl Sanders
June 24, 2019

After a series of ballots to whittle down the race to two candidates, 160,000 Conservative Party members will now chose either Johnson and Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt as their next leader - and thus the next prime minister.

The Guardian reported that police were alerted early on Friday after a neighbour heard a loud altercation involving screams, shouts and bangs at the south London property, shortly after Johnson had secured his place in the final run-off to become prime minister.

But one political insider says Boris Johnson will still beat his rival, Jeremy Hunt, with those who count. Symonds, a former Conservative party communications chief, is part of Johnson's current campaign in the leadership election.

Tom Penn says he called the police because he had been "frightened and concerned for the welfare of those involved", with Johnson and his girlfriend, Carrie Symonds, involved in an altercation.

At the event in Birmingham, Johnson said that people had a right to ask questions about his character, said that his record in office showed he had the right character to be prime minister.

However Mr Johnson's reticence to answer questions on the topic has "made it worse".

"But if we can't handle it with friends, we won't deserve to lead against our opponents", Hunt said in a letter to Johnson before the hustings. A recording of the call, obtained by the Guardian, purportedly includes Symonds telling Johnson: "Get off me" and "get out of my flat".

Asked about the police visit several times during a Conservative forum on Saturday, Johnson said the public did not want to "hear about that kind of thing".

But Johnson had lost the lead on Saturday, with 32% supporting Hunt and 29% Johnson.

Johnson also came under scrutiny on Sunday for his relationship with Steve Bannon, the controversial former adviser to US President Donald Trump. "You don't just say 'no comment".

"Brave Boris would perhaps go to Brussels once, conclude there was nothing to be discussed over there, would come back, would face down the House of Commons and prepare to fight an election on leaving on no deal", he said.

The victor would need to succeed in pushing a deal with the European Union through parliament, or face the prospect of leaving without a deal, which lawmakers have warned could collapse the government and trigger a general election. This contest isn't about personal lives, but if you want to lead this country you have to show up and answer questions on your plans for Britain.

Sir Malcolm, who indicated he would back Mr Hunt in the race, added: "It was a lack of judgment to refuse to even make a short comment".

'We need a leader with the determination to follow through, go through to the 31st October, leave preferably with a deal, but without a deal if necessary - and I do not believe in those circumstances those Conservative colleagues would seek to bring a Conservative government down and let in Jeremy Corbyn and his Marxist agenda'. "There was a lot of shouting, a lady was screaming and I could hear glasses or plates being thrown quite a few times", she said.

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