Some Uber Customers Can Now Choose to Ride With Non-Chatty Drivers

Andrew Cummings
May 16, 2019

In the meantime, for all of the plebeians who want to be left to their own literal or metaphysical devices while on a ride, we might need to just bravely be courteous and ask the driver if they can keep the journey as quiet as possible.

Everyone's encountered a chatty Uber driver at least once in their life. Well, now Uber is coming to the rescue.

Uber Black and Uber Black SUV are the company's premium auto services that place riders in high-end vehicles.

Extended Pickup Period: riders will have a little extra time to get to the auto when unexpected delays pop up.

Uber's Uber Black and Uber Black SUV brands are getting some new features that focus on improving the rider experience. It's important to note, however, that riders must select these preferences before they hail the ride. The preferences can not be selected as a driver is on the way to pick them up or if a ride is in progress.

Riders who want to keep conversation between themselves and their drivers to a minimum can select "quiet mode", and they can enjoy other perks like luggage service, freedom to choose a specific interior temperature, and extra time to find their driver's auto after it has arrived. You can take a break from drivers who go on to give you a tour of the city unasked with a simple yet subtle new feature. Riders can also choose to ask for more time before getting into the auto in order to avoid late fees and to let the driver know if they have luggage.

Premium Support: Access premium phone support with live agents if you need something to be made right.

Professionalism: Ride with confidence knowing that your professional, commercially licensed driver is at the top of his or her game. New rules are in effect concerning driver conduct as well as specifications for vehicle model, make, exteriors, and interiors - so, expect leather rear seats every time.

Other features the ride-share company is adding for the Uber Black include help with luggage, temperature control and extended pickup times.

The average price for a ride by Uber Black or Uber Black SUV is typically double that of Uber X, and three times more expensive than Uber Pool.

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