James Bond car complete with gadgets goes on sale

Yolanda Curtis
May 16, 2019

When we learned that Aston Martin was going to be building 25 special "continuation" reproductions of the original DB5 that Sean Connery famously drove in Goldfinger, we were excited.

Work on the cars is now underway ahead of start of deliveries in 2020 and Aston Martin has given a look at the development of some of the gadgets.

In a video released on Tuesday, Corbould shows the car's revoling number plate, rear smoke screen, oil slick delivery system, and machine guns in action.

Chris explained: 'My involvement has chiefly been with the front guns, smoke screen and oil slick gadgets, with Aston Martin engineers producing the other items.

Aston Martin's intent in offering the DB5 Continuation model is to relive the experience of Bond's classic yet aesthetic ride.

The build process for the 25 units of the series is now underway at the carmaker's facilities, and in a short video released this week Aston shows how a team led by Chris Corbould, special effects supervisor for James Bond movies, is trying to integrate the many spy-gadgets into the auto. It will sell each vehicle for a whopping $3.5 million. In case all of that isn't enough, the vehicle will have extendable front and rear battering rams.

The vintage cars will be made in the Aston Martin Works facility in Newport Pagnell in Buckinghamshire.

All of which is adding up to be one of Aston Martin's most expensive and exclusive cars - and one that is shaping up to be one of the most hard cars to own or drive in Australia. This remains unclear, since we're talking about a classic auto but with a modern serial number and year of manufacture.

By which we mean gadgets, of course.

These will be "continuation cars", meaning that, although newly built, they will be exactly like the 1964 DB5s in almost all respects except for the fancy gadgets. That's a lot, but considering the over 3,000 man-hours invested each one of these cars and the production capped at 25 examples, the price is kind of reasonable.

In all, 28 of the James Bond DB5s will be produced, including one that will be kept by Aston Martin, one that will be kept by EON productions, the company that makes Bond movies and is helping to create the cars, and a third that will be auctioned for charity.

Paul Spires, President of Aston Martin Works, said: 'As work progresses on these remarkable cars, it's both exciting and a little sobering to think that we are truly making history here.

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