Huawei says willing to sign 'no-spy' agreements

Cheryl Sanders
May 15, 2019

Washington believes equipment made by Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, the world's third largest smartphone maker, could be used by the Chinese state to spy.

Huawei is offering to sign no-spy agreements with governments to sell more of its telecom equipment.

Huawei has also said it is independent from the Chinese government, but some countries have blocked it from their 5G networks on national security grounds.

In February, Trump suggested that he would not sign the executive order by tweeting that he wanted the USA to win the 5G ultra-high speed mobile telecommunications race by competition and "not by blocking out now more advanced technologies", in a reference that was widely interpreted as referring to Huawei.

A decision will be made soon in the case for Huawei supplying telecom equipment in the UK. How much or how little Huawei will contribute to 5G networks in the United Kingdom is still up in the air.

Liang, speaking on the sidelines of a meeting with Huawei's British technology partners, said the company never meant to be in the eye of a political storm.

He said Huawei had long cooperated with Britain's National Cyber Security Centre's oversight of its technology, and it had improved its software engineering capabilities to make them the equal of competitors.

The U.S. says Chinese law compels Huawei to cooperate with Beijing's espionage agencies.

Liang said Huawei did not act on behalf of China's government in any worldwide market.

Amid United States pressure on European countries to avoid Huawei, Liang has traveled to the U.K., along with senior Huawei executives, to hold meetings with suppliers and partners to promote Huawei's mobile phone network kit.

"Cyber security is indeed a very important factor to consider (.) but at the same time it should be a balanced decision between cyber security and economic prosperity".

The British government is in the middle of a furious debate over whether to let Huawei roll out its next-generation mobile service.

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