Google to push new ads on its apps to snare shoppers

Yolanda Curtis
May 15, 2019

In an attempt to boost ad spending and commerce across its services, Google is getting ready to add new shopping features to YouTube.

An illuminated Google logo is seen inside an office building in Zurich, Switzerland December 5, 2018. How do you feel about Google pushing out more ads this way?

'It actually changed with mobiles and what users expect from an online service like Google, ' he said.

The company wants to make it easier for users to discover and buy new products because they shop in brief spurts while watching TV or sitting in the bathroom, said Oliver Heckmann, vice president of engineering for Travel and Shopping.

Each new format is created to provide greater visibility for advertisers with Google predicting 25% more interactions as a result but at the expense of disrupting some people using core Google services such as search.

The new advertisements will come primarily in two formats: "gallery" ads, which include multiple images that users can swipe through, and "discovery" ads that place sponsored posts in places where people are typically looking for content tailored for them. On the smartphone app, the ads will appear on the main screen.

The gallery ads are part of an effort to make search results more visual. Ads with images are expected to garner more clicks, which could lead them being shown in more results, executives said. Google tries to position itself in the popular consciousness as a bleeding-edge company working on everything from self-driving cars to sleek AI products and services.

Google Maps is widely used in Australia today at the expense of navigation systems from the likes of Navman and Tom Tom, now the big search Company is set to flex their Google Travel capability a move that could seriously put pressure on organisations such as, Expedia, Priceline and TripAdvisor.

The feature is similar to Google Trips app that Google launched a year ago but this requires internet access.

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