Google Assistant comes to Sonos speakers - Tech

Yolanda Curtis
May 17, 2019

Missing features aside, this is great news for people who own a Sonos One or a Sonos Beam. Now, Google Assistant support is rolling out as a free update for the Sonos One and Sonos Beam: today, in the U.S., and then following on in the UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, France, and The Netherlands in July. Plug the speakers in, add them to your account, and it can create a whole-home audio setup without the need to run speaker wire through the walls.

For instance, Google annually announced an Assistant service called may call up restaurants and make reservations for you.

In its current form, Google Assistant needs as much as 100GB of data in order to process and understand your commands, but Google's new work has managed to bring that model down to just 0.5GB. The company announced both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support back in 2017.

Sonos' dual assistant technology is rolling out this week in America, while Australians will see it from July onwards, alongside the UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, and Canada, and after that, it'll eventually come to other countries, as well. We imagine a day where we'll have multiple voice assistants operating concurrently on the same device, and we're committed to making that happen as soon as possible.

Finally, you'll be able to do all the other things a Google Home speaker is capable of, ranging from setting timers and alarms to requesting daily briefs and asking for directions that can be forwarded to your Android phone.

Continued Spence: "Today we're the first company to have two voice assistants working concurrently on the same system, a major milestone for the industry".

Once that's completed, you can ask your new digital assistant to handle many different tasks, from music streaming (duh) to delivering news and podcasts, managing tasks, answering questions from around the web, and controlling a wide range of smart home devices. Simply navigate to "voice services" and select the Google Assistant.

"We experienced a temporary outage for some of our customers this morning as a result of the firmware update to Sonos players", the company said in a statement to CNET.

System control. Built on Sonos' open platform of products and partners, listeners can start a song using AirPlay from Apple Music, ask the Google Assistant to go to the next track, and turn the volume down in the Sonos App.

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