Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet Enters Democratic Presidential Contest

Cheryl Sanders
May 4, 2019

The primaries for the determination of the US presidential candidates will start on 3.

Sen. Michael Bennet (D., Colo.) announced his bid for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination Thursday, criticizing his party as one that "doesn't stand for very much at the national level".

"Michael Bennet is just another tax-and-spend liberal with no chance of becoming president", spokesman Michael Ahrens said.

Bennet, 54, underwent surgery for prostate cancer earlier this year, but his office said that the treatment was "completely successful". Bennet told CBS that his diagnosis was "very clarifying", and that he was devastated over potentially not being able to run for president.

Bennet is the second Coloradan to enter the 2020 race after John Hickenlooper, a former governor, announced his candidacy on March 4.

Bennet has pitched himself in pre-campaign appearances and speeches as a pragmatic lawmaker who has a progressive voting record, but who also knows what it takes to win in an electorally split state like Colorado. The latter has been embraced by a number of his rivals for the Democratic nomination.

In an online campaign launch video, Bennet acknowledged he was likely unknown to most Americans, saying he preferred to "pay attention" to the needs of constituents rather than "get attention" through political preening.

"Bennet announced as President of the two "huge challenges" to address, is the Lack of economic opportunities for advancement for the majority of the citizens", as well as the production of integrity in our government" - a clear allusion to Trump.

"That's not Medicare For All", he said of the single-payer system that has gained traction in this election cycle, "because I don't think 180 million Americans want to give up the insurance they already have through their work or their union".

Instead, Mr Bennet proposes letting consumers buy into Medicare through insurance exchanges, arguing this would be a more efficient and realistic path to universal coverage.

"I'm not going to pretend free college is the answer", he said.

Despite his professorial reputation, Mr Bennet has shown an ability to be a tough campaigner.

Mr Bennet said Mr Cruz once led a 16-day government shutdown in a failed bid to derail funding for the Affordable Care Act at a time when Colorado was experiencing catastrophic flooding, delaying relief efforts.

As a senator, Mr. Bennet is best known as a member of the so-called Gang of Eight, the bipartisan group that crafted a sweeping immigration reform bill in 2013.

Bennet gained internet fame this year when he blasted Republican Sen. "People were killed. People's houses were destroyed". Mr. Bennet narrowly won re-election in 2010, then cruised to victory in 2016. The legislation waives the fees of Small Business Administration express loans for veterans, provides additional fee waivers for veteran-owned small businesses and requires reviews of existing SBA programs for veterans. "I think we need to do both of those things".

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