Australian voters tipped to elect Labor government

Pablo Tucker
May 20, 2019

Labor leader Bill Shorten said it was apparent Mr Abbott - who's fighting to hold his seat of Warringah in Saturday's election - was "a man under pressure".

The death of Bob Hawke on the eve of the Australian federal elections has deprived the country of one of its most prominent and respected post-war voices.

Shorten announced he would not contest the next Labor leadership ballot after the election.

"We all loved Bob Hawke, we will miss him a great deal", Mr Shorten said.

I watched him weep as he spoke after the massacre in Tiananmen Square, when he said to "crush the spirit and body of youth is to crush the very future of China itself" and offered visa extensions to thousands of Chinese students studying in Australia, a decision we discovered he made without consulting his cabinet when the papers were released some decades on.

"I and Bob's children, Sue, Stephen, Rosslyn and stepson, Louis, and his grandchildren, will hold a private funeral. I don't want to let his memory down", Shorten told Channel Nine.

Many commentators believe Hawke's death at such a crucial time in the five-week campaign is a blow to the conservative Liberal Party-led coalition's chances of winning a third three-year term.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison yesterday described Hawke as Labor's best prime minister.

"He was beyond politics". "That I think was his great charm and his great strength and that enabled him to take the country with him on quite a number of important things". He was the best prime minister of the Labor movement in Australia's history.

Others have argued that older Australians would be most affected by tax reform proposals that have dominated much of the campaign. I've always said this election is going to be close.

In a further warning to the Queen, a final opinion poll conducted by Newspoll for The Weekend Australian on Friday showed Labor's lead over the National-Liberal coalition at 51.5 percent to 48.5 percent. It has a 1.8 percentage point margin of error.

The poll was based on a nationwide telephone survey of 1,42 voters this week from Sunday to Wednesday.

"You might also say that he had a Labor heart, but a Liberal head".

Whitlam, who died in 2014, is remembered for sweeping reforms including government-funded universal healthcare and free university education. "Tonight is about every single Australian who depends on their government to put them first".

The policies have stirred fierce debate among affected voters in a country where many have the "Great Australian dream" of owning property.

It also launched a national conservation project known as Landcare, brought unions and employer organisations together to create a Prices and Incomes Accord, floated the Australian dollar, deregulated the financial sector, and introduced a Family Assistance Scheme to overcome impoverishment of families.

Betting markets, which had tagged Labor as a certain victor before election day, have swung violently to now back the coalition to form a government.

Shorten has pledged to reduce emissions by 45 percent from 2005 levels and have 50 percent of electricity come from renewable sources by 2030 while the LNP has not made any climate commitments beyond Australia's global emissions reduction obligations.

Labor has run an ambitious policy strategy rather than taking the safer option of a small target approach against a government that imploded in August, with the ditching of prime minister Malcolm Turnbull.

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