Adult measles case confirmed in Long Island

Henrietta Brewer
April 27, 2019

Suffolk officials on Friday said a person infected with the measles visited three locations on the East End.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the CDC has confirmed 695 reported cases of measles in the U.S, the most since the disease was domestically eradicated in 2000.

Almost 700 cases have been reported across 22 states amid a resurgence of the highly infectious disease, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says.

The Georgia Department of Public Health said the patients are members of the same family. Measles can be easily prevented using vaccines that are typically given shortly after a child born, but it is now spreading in the US again as the anti-vaccination movement has gained more and more momentum over the past years.

NY cases were largely centered in Orthodox Jewish communities where there is resistance to immunization.

And California authorities said Thursday that more than 250 people at two universities have been quarantined as health officials battle to contain the highly-infectious disease.

Mr. Trump, himself, once floated theories that align with the anti-vaxxers' thinking.

In a 2015 presidential debate, Trump showed support for a widely debunked belief that vaccinations and autism are linked claiming to know a two year old girl who received the vaccine and then a week later was diagnosed with autism.

Officials said numerous cases are tied to an outbreak in Washington state and two large outbreaks in NY, which began in late 2018.

The anti-vaxxer movement has adherents across the Western world but is particularly high profile in the United States.

In Clark County, Washington, the disease has spiked among the Russian-speaking community after a child brought the virus back from Ukraine in December and it spread to 74 other people, mostly children, through schools, supermarkets and a bowling alley.

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