What the KJo-Shah Rukh Khan Twitter episode teaches us about trolls

Carla Harmon
March 22, 2019

This particular post has been liked by Karan Johar, and we are sure, it must have happened by mistake. He wrote, "Half day colls (collections) of #kesari on Holi day (which is worse than pre Diwali day) #ZERO full festival day collections".

Karan Apologized To The Twitterati

The tweet is no longer available on Karan Johar's timeline but fans of Shah Rukh Khan are sharing screenshots to troll the 46-year-old filmmaker. "Guys having a technical problem with my twitter account! Go easy all, Make Lov not War.it's more fun", read SRK's (what we can only term as) "loaded" tweet. "I hate clarifications on SM".

Now, as soon as SRK fans noticed KJo's "like" on the tweet - which, by the way also hurled abuses at King Khan - they were left furious. From uploading shoe picture and gibberish to liking tweets I haven't even read and would never even acknowledge. He asked his fans to slow down with the hate and wrote, "Just like Life, twitter doesn't come with instructions, so mistakes are natural". Please bear with me and I apologise for any inconvenience! I mean it's okay if one of them says how will you give the love of mother and father. "Sorting it out asap!" But do you really think Karan Johar would seriously LIKE something which is said against SRK?

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan joined hands with superheroes Captain America, Iron Man and Thor to solve yet another riddle in Dubai's picturesque locale in his latest promotional campaign.

At the time of writing this report, hashtag #ShameOnKaranJohar was trending at number 5 position across India.

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