USA citizens will need a visa to visit Europe starting in 2021

Cheryl Sanders
March 10, 2019

Travel + Leisure reports US nationals will need a passport and a credit or debit card to apply for a European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) permit that will allow them to visit Europe for less than 90 days.

It applies to people traveling to Europe's Schengen Zone, an area comprising of more than two dozen countries, including France, Germany and Spain, but not England. Minors, the website said, will still only need their normal passports to travel after the visas go into effect.

After eligibility and risk factors are checked by the system, the applicant can have a travel visa authorized potentially up to three years.

"Completing the online application should not take more than 10 minutes with automatic approval being given in over 95% of cases", the European Commission said in a statement.

Americans traveling to Europe will soon have to add a new item to their packing lists.

At present, United States passport holders do not need a visa to enter 26 European Union states, and they can spend up to 90 days there. The visa is a multiple-entry visa, allowing access to multiple countries. They can complete an application and pay a service fee of 7 euros (about $8) online.

United States citizens will need visas to travel to the European Union starting in 2021 and the EU is urging them to get ready.

On the ETIAS website, the European Union said it "has recently chose to improve their security level to avoid any further problems with illegal migration and terrorism".

The European Parliament previously called on the European Commission to impose visas on USA citizens as part of an ongoing dispute over travel restrictions to Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, Romania and Cyprus, the only EU nations that require a visa from visiting us citizens.

American travelers will have a new requirement to consider before taking a trip to Europe in 2021.

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