Tucker Carlson refuses to apologize for past comments about women, statutory rape

Carla Harmon
March 11, 2019

"I mean, I love women, but they're extremely primitive, they're basic, they're not that hard to understand".

Then, in an October 2009 show, Bubba the Love Sponge launched into what appeared to be a hypothetical description of the young girls at the boarding school attended by Carlson's daughter experimenting with each other sexually.

Tucker Carlson responded Sunday night to the discovery of controversial and off-color comments he made during conversations with a radio "shock jock" between 2006 and 2011, urging people who wanted to know more about what he thought to watch his primetime program on Fox News Channel.

Fox News has not yet offered any response to Carlson's remarks.

According to Media Matters Carlson made off-color remarks aimed at Arianna Huffington, Britney Spears and Alexis Stewart, Martha Stewart's daughter.

"I am a huge proponent of girl's education, of women's empowerment", Waltz added, who then abruptly changed the subject to ISIS.

Laura Keiter, a communications director for Media Matters, said in a statement to TheWrap: "Anyone remotely familiar with Tucker Carlson won't be surprised by the misogyny".

In 2006, he said it "gets women going" when men argue with them. Instead, he invited anyone who disagrees with his views as expressed these days on TV to come challenge him on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

"Now this guy may be., may be a child rapist", Carlson said.

He also says that Bill Clinton should divorce his wife Hillary and "take up plural marriage or something with a bunch of teenagers in a foreign country".

In a statement on Sunday night, Carlson said he had been caught "saying something naughty" a decade ago. Carlson replied: "So my point is that teachers like this, not necessarily this one in particular, but they are doing a service to all 13-year-old girls by taking the pressure off".

Carlson also says that women are "extremely primitive" and enjoy being told to "be quiet and kind of do what you're told".

Carlson, who defended his track record in a tweet, said he wouldn't give the "usual ritual contrition" after his previous comments about women surfaced.

"We strongly condemn Jeanine Pirro's comments about Rep Ilhan Omar", the network said in a statement.

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