Sen. Sherrod Brown Won't Run For President In 2020

Cheryl Sanders
March 9, 2019

"It is how we beat Trump, and it is how we should govern", Brown said in a series of tweets Thursday. Democrats are awaiting word from former Vice President Joe Biden and former Texas Rep. Beto O'Rourke about whether they will undertake highly anticipated campaigns that could reshape the race. Brown was comfortably re-elected in the November midterm elections, earning almost 10 percentage points more than Hillary Clinton did two years prior.

As you've heard me say many times, when you love this country, you fight for the people who make it work.

Following his announcement on Thursday, Brown told CNN that a potential Biden run "had zero impact on this", adding that he hadn't spoken to the former vice president. Jeff Merkley (D-Oregon). Clinton also reiterated that she was not running for president.

The move comes as a surprise - Brown had built out a campaign team and had been touring early-voting states on his "Dignity of Work" tour in recent weeks. But Republican lawmakers in the Ohio House are fighting him on it, proposing to raise the fuel tax by just 10.7 cents on gasoline and 20 cents on diesel. "I don't go to these early states looking for big crowds".

Top Democrats are split about whether Ohio, Brown's home state, will be a battleground in the 2020 election.

"I will do everything I can to elect a Democratic President and a Democratic Senate in 2020", Brown said in a statement.

Brown, like Trump and Sanders, had opposed trade agreements on the grounds that they slighted blue-collar workers in this country and contributed to broad job losses in a swath of states.

The senator from Vermont is a self-proclaimed Democratic socialist, and it is telling that the liberal policies he pushed during the last presidential race, such as universal health care and debt-free college, have been embraced by several 2020 candidates.

So as I think about the work we have left to do - from making sure truck drivers and coal miners get the retirement they earned, to combating addiction, to helping the workers who were laid off in Lordstown - I am convinced the best place for me to make that fight is in the Senate.

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