Lines being drawn after Tom Izzo's furious scolding of MSU player: 'Jackasses'

Ross Houston
March 22, 2019

Michigan State basketball coach Tom Izzo had to be restrained by his own players during the first round of the NCAA Tournament on Thursday as he eviscerated a 19-year-old freshman during a timeout.

Everyone is lining up, half behind a furious Tom Izzo, half behind a belittled Aaron Henry. The Hall of Famer repeatedly pointed at Henry before star guard Cassius Winston stepped in to separate the two. It's alright for a coach to yell at a player.

'I get a kick out of you guys, get after somebody because you are trying to hold them accountable, ' he said. They were effort-related. 'I don't know what kind of business you're in, but I tell you what, if I was a head of a newspaper, and you didn't do your job, you'd be held accountable. I did get after (him) and he did respond and he did make a couple big buckets ... but that's not good enough.

Barkley on Izzo - "jackasses on other networks" haha I concur!

If Bradley had been able to hit more free throws this game could have been a lot more hard for the Spartans to win. He treated an unpaid player who is helping him and his sport make millions of dollars worse than he has any right to.

Michigan State is set to take on Big Ten rival Minnesota in the Round of 32, and the Golden Gophers were very impressive from beyond the arc in their win over Louisville earlier today.

The self-serving view: "My coach screamed at and even hit me and I'm better off for it".

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