As New York probes business deals, Trump tweets 'HARASSERS'

Cheryl Sanders
March 13, 2019

The New York State attorney general's office issued subpoenas late Monday night to Deutsche Bank and Investors Bank for financial records about major Trump Organization projects, the New York Times reported.

Deutsche Bank was Trump's go-to lender for decades, even as other commercial banks stopped doing business with him because of multiple bankruptcies.

Deutsche Bank has been one of the few major banks willing to regularly lend to Trump, whose past financial troubles scared off large NY banks.

Investors Bank, based in New Jersey, "was subpoenaed for records relating to Trump Park Avenue" in Manhattan, the Times said.

While Trump said he could get $4 billion for his brand, Forbes pegged the value at just $125 million two years later.

President Trump lashed out at Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday - one day after New York's attorney general's office subpoenaed the Trump Organization's records. Both banks declined to comment on this when reached by the Times.

It also adds to Trump's own legal pressure. The president may now be trying to get out ahead of any more bad news barrelling down the pike by trying to demonize NY state - but he's also signaling that he's afraid of what's coming. A request for comment from the Trump Organization was not returned.

Cohen testified that Trump inflated the stated worth of his assets in financial statements. Trump has also said that Cohen, who pleaded guilty to charges of illegal campaign contributions, is a liar who can not be trusted. He said Trump was aware that his company also submitted phony valuations to insurance companies to reduce premiums.

The New York Attorney General has subpoenaed a bank used by President Donald Trump to finance a number of property projects, as well as his failed effort to buy the Buffalo Bills football team, an insider claims. Although the German lender's investment bank had severed ties with Trump during the financial crisis after he defaulted on a loan and then sued the bank, its wealth management unit continued to extend him credit.

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