Polar Bears Are Invading a Remote Russian Town

Cheryl Sanders
February 12, 2019

In an interview with TASS, local administration chief Zhigansha Musin said that, because it is illegal to cull polar bears in Russian Federation, "we will have to embark on a longer and less safe way for local residents".

The settlement, Belushya Guba, on a finger of land stretching into the Arctic Ocean, has declared a state of emergency as the bears have attacked people, broken into homes, menaced schools and feasted at a local dump.

"There's never been such a mass invasion of polar bears". Authorities there have reported that the tiny islands, home to just a few thousand people, are playing host to a polar bear invasion.

The state of emergency was declared February 9 due to the "mass invasion of polar bears in residential areas", said Alexander Minayev, deputy head of the Novaya Zemlya administration, in a statement.

The sight of polar bears playing in the snow is usually guaranteed to bring smiles.

Musin's deputy Alexander Minayev said people were scared and afraid of leaving their homes.

According to residents, the bears have become increasingly comfortable around humans.

"The decision to declare an emergency situation on the territory of Novaya Zemlya from February 9 was taken at a meeting of the commission tasked to prevent emergencies and ensure fire safety", said a statement from the regional government released on Saturday. "Parents are unwilling to let their children go to school or kindergarten". "The bear is a curious animal, and it will smell the human food", Mordvintsev said. "There are no more enemies", said Anastasia Bondarenko, who is local to the area.

Of course, since it's Russian Federation we're talking about, it's not just the bears who've become comfortable. An Instagram user uploaded photos and a video of the hungry bears.

The Siberian Times reports that "a team of "specialists" is now on the way to the stricken town".

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