OMG Jess Bridges just released a video teasing return of The Dude

Carla Harmon
January 26, 2019

'Can't be living in the past, man. Stay tuned, ' Bridges said on Twitter.

Slightly less excitingly, it has been noted that February 3 is the same date as the Super Bowl in the U.S., which suggests the clip could be a teaser for a commercial set to run during the annual American football event. That's way too soon for a secret movie to be coming out - we'd have heard something by now.

The film made its debut in March of 1998 but on Thursday, the seven-time Oscar nominee teased a return of the famous character by tweeting out a potential Super Bowl commercial.

Here we see an older, but still abiding Dude in a very brief snippet of footage. Many consider it Joel and Ethan Coen's best movie.

There have also been suggestions on social media that the teaser may tie in with the Super Bowl, which takes place on February 3 in the US.

We saw something similar past year when a marketing company put out a "Crocodile Dundee" trailer featuring Chris Hemsworth and Danny McBride, only for it to end up being an ad for a tourism company. The "trailers" ended up being for an Australian tourism ad that aired on Super Bowl Sunday.

Are we getting "The Big Lebowski" Part 2? The movie's quirky comedy puzzled mainstream audiences who knew the Coens nearly entirely from Fargo, even though that film had its fair share of offbeat humor as well.

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