MI ranks 10th on list of most moved-from states

Andrew Cummings
January 4, 2019

The latest National Movers Study by United Van Lines ranks Illinois No. 2 on the list of Most Moved From States in 2018, behind New Jersey, which ranked No. 2 for 2017 and No. 1 for five consecutive years before that.

The study shows Vermont as the top state for people to move to in 2018.

The St. Louis-based moving company found that CT had the third-highest rate of residents moving to other states - with 62 percent of moves being outbound.

While not a flawless reflection of overall population totals, the migration patterns identified in the moving surveys tended to mirror a list of states that with negative population growth rates. Oregon, which had 3,346 total moves handled by United Van Lines, experienced the second highest percentage nationally, with 63.8 percent inbound moves. Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, South Carolina, Washington, North Carolina, South Dakota and Washington, D.C. round out the top 10. A higher percentage of people moved out of state than anywhere else in the county.

The company's 42nd annual study showed that Americans continue to move west and south.

'Unlike a few decades ago, retirees are leaving California, instead choosing other states in the Pacific West and Mountain West, ' Stoll said.

New Jersey is followed by Illinois, Connecticut, New York and Kansas as the top states for outbound moves. Midwestern states like IL (65.9 percent), Kansas (58.7 percent), OH (56.5 percent) and Iowa (55.5 percent) saw high outbound relocation as well. The Mountain West and South regions saw high percentages of inbound moves.

New Jersey residents are on the outs with their state.

IL remains one of the top US states residents are leaving, according to three moving companies.

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