DeSantis Law and Order Message Clear Winner in Florida Debate

Cheryl Sanders
October 23, 2018

"As governor, I will work every day to ensure we help the island fully recover and create more opportunities for those living in Florida to succeed", DeSantis said.

As the final two weeks of campaigning begin, Democrats hold an edge in both the gubernatorial and Senate contests in the key state of Florida, according to a new CNN Poll conducted by SSRS.

Gillum said he was incredulous that DeSantis was against solar energy, especially considering how Florida is known as the "Sunshine State". DeSantis has only a seven-point advantage over Gillum with male voters in Florida, 52 to 45 percent.

On Sunday night, Gillum accused DeSantis of injecting a racial element into an already heated race.

"No, he's not. Donald Trump is weak".

Former Republican congressman Ron DeSantis, whose endorsement by Trump propelled him to victory in the GOP primary, sought to make the case that his ties to the Trump administration better position him to work with the federal government than his Democratic opponent, Andrew Gillum, who has called for the president's impeachment.

DeSantis and Gillum have quarreled previously about Israel in a state where the Jewish vote can be decisive in an election. As the two emerged from their respective primaries as the choice of their party, a comment by DeSantis sparked controversy.

The two candidates were also asked if they think President Donald Trump is a good model for children of Florida.

The county in which Tallahassee sits has the highest crime rate in Florida, but the numbers have improved during his tenure, Gillum argued.

Gillum flinched a bit, not defending the program which is a non-starter in Florida and most states around the country, instead seeking to talk up his plans to expand Medicaid under Obamacare. And I respect that he chose Mr. DeSantis to run. "We have to get out there and vote like our lives depend on it - because our lives do depend on it".

As evidenced by this exchange, in which DeSantis responds to a question about whether Donald Trump is "a good role model for the children of Florida" by speaking at length about the USA embassy in Israel, it appears that in retrospect, he should have spent more time preparing for his big moment.

Gillum, who has backed abolishing ICE in its current form, only said that he would dutifully carry out existing laws. "Everybody I know wants to earn enough where they can take care of themselves and their families and maybe take a vacation one weekend out of the year".

The second most telling, and certainly the funniest, came after DeSantis alleged that Gillum has called for the abolition of the Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and a weakening of immigration rules, a statement Politifact Florida has rated half true. He said that when he was "down range in Iraq, it didn't matter your race".

"This is not Russia", Gillum said.

Next, DeSantis made sure to cast himself as the "law-and-order" candidate.

"He has only continued in the course of his campaign to draw all the attention he can to the color of my skin", Gillum said.

"We all have friends that sometimes let us down", Gillum said of Corey, while also pushing back at DeSantis with a suggestion this, too, was a racial dog whistle: "I'm a hard working person", he added.

"Gillum is supported by Communist Donors, Militant Socialists, Muslim Brotherhood & PLO terrorists trying incite a revolution in America & destroy Trump".

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