Brexit negotiator Guy Verhofstadt mocks Boris Johnson's bridge plan

Cheryl Sanders
October 3, 2018

Speaking at a fringe meeting hosted by the ConservativeHome website, Mr Johnson will say: "We must on no account follow Corbyn, and start to treat capitalism as a kind of boo word".

His fellow Scottish Conservative MP, Ross Thomson, was among those to greet Mr Johnson at the event.

He said: "I write this with heavy heart, however we now need a proper leadership election and to move on".

Boris Johnson has said he would delay Brexit by at least six months if he topples Theresa May to become Prime Minister, according to reports last night.

Crowds packed into a speech by former foreign secretary Boris Johnson at the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham.

Mr Johnson has been a vocal critic of the prime minister's Brexit plan since leaving the Cabinet, calling it "a moral and intellectual humiliation" when setting out an alternative last week. "Sometimes it comes out, sometimes she hides it away, but she is a really strong woman, a really strong Prime Minister and I really hope that comes across in the speech".

Hard Brexit backers - led by former foreign secretary Boris Johnson - consider the plan a sellout of Brexit because it keeps Britain tied to the EU.

Mr Johnson said that Mrs May's Chequers blueprint - which ties Britain to a common rulebook with the EU for trade in goods - would be "politically humiliating for a £2 trillion economy" and would subject the United Kingdom to European directives and rules.

"We can not, must not and will not let this weaselly cabal of superannuated Marxists and Hugo Chavez-admiring, anti-semitism-condoning Kremlin apologists anywhere near the government of this country".

Ranting before MEPs on Tuesday, arch-liberal and federalist Guy Verhofstadt also personally attacked senior members of the Tory Party and rejected proposals from leadership favourite Boris Johnson to extend the Article 50 process.

Mr. Johnson is a major figure in the party and esteemed by many Tories as a guiding light on Brexit.

Ahead of his conference appearance, he was pictured out jogging, in what some interpreted as a "parody" of Mrs May's claim that the "naughtiest" thing she did as a child was to run through a field of wheat.

"He's too volatile", said Alison Jolley, a party member from just outside Birmingham who cheered loudly for Mr. Johnson during his speech and laughed uproariously at his jokes. She'll make a good speech'.

"Then the thing we saw immediately afterwards was that tweet about the Strepsils and the speech and we laughed along with her and she showed that humorous side of her".

Ms. May has held back on criticizing Mr. Johnson, but on Tuesday, she said his speech had made her "cross".

And she will look to turn the tide of internal party anger towards Jeremy Corbyn's Labour, suggesting on the back of the anti-Semitism row that it is now the new nasty party with the Conservatives as the party of patriotism, business, aspiration and "above all a party of Unionism".

"He wanted to tear up our guarantee to the people of Northern Ireland".

"Do not believe that we can somehow get it wrong now, bodge it now and fix it later", he said to cheers. "Northern Ireland is part of that union. It is the only plan on the table at the moment that does".

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