Huawei Smart Speaker With 4G Router To Skip Oz

Yolanda Curtis
September 3, 2018

Experts are already criticising the design of Huawei's new smart speaker, the AI Cube, for veering too close for comfort to Google Home's. First, the AI Cube can double as a 4G router, connecting other devices in your home. We managed to grab some hands-on time with the AI Cube, and here are our first impressions. When questioned about Google Assistant the speaker was coy about specifics but stated they will work with open standards. The top half is made of plastic, below which is a mesh panel covered in fabric.

The AI Cube is available in red and white and grey and white, both of which look lovely.

Also if you didn't notice from the picture above, it's not actually a cube.

Another Smart speakers going to drop on the scene to compete with the already enormous number of new and old AI powered streaming speakers - this time from Huawei.

As for the AI Cube's sound quality, Huawei says the speaker has a 400ml sound cavity and aluminum diaphram. As for LAN, the speaker offers a maximum of 1200Mbps transmission speeds. However, the mids seemed to be pushed down in the sound mix.

There is a new smart speaker in town.

Buttons at the top let you control volume and mute the speaker on the AI Cube when using your voice to talk to the four microphones inside the AI Cube won't do. Weighing in at 900g, this device comes with an LTE SIM card slot, that is compatible with LTE Cat.6, and can offer mobile internet speeds of up to 300Mbps.

The other highlight of the speaker is that it can also function as a Wi-Fi router. A detailed assessment of these features will have to wait till we can test the device extensively.

Huawei seems to have used its experience as a manufacturer of communication devices and has now chose to incorporate it into its products. The 4G and Wi-Fi settings are configured via Huawei's SmartHome app. Alexa calling is not supported by the AI Cube at the moment, but Huawei promises that this feature will be added with a software update.

What makes the Cube different from the competition is the connectivity that lurks inside.

Huawei hasn't revealed the pricing of the AI Cuba at the event, but it did mention that the speaker will start shipping in Europe during the Christmas season.

In terms of sound power, the demo we heard certainly places it in the same class as the Amazon Echo Plus, so it will be interesting to find out its price point.

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