Ontario Woman Drives Stolen Vehicle for 2 Weeks Thinking It's a Rental

Cheryl Sanders
July 14, 2018

A woman was in need of a vehicle and rented a black Nissan Sentra from an Enterprise Rent-A-Car center in Cornwall.

Coincidentally, the man whose auto was stolen came into the same rental place a few days later and told the manager about how his vehicle had been stolen from the Wal Mart.

According to Cornwall police, after renting the vehicle, the woman drove to a local Walmart where she did some grocery shopping.

The man, who had reported his auto stolen, had his vehicle returned to him.

"She drove around and did her daily business in this stolen vehicle for two weeks", MacKay said. Since the rental vehicle used the same system she was none the wiser to the mixup and drove off on her merry way.

The Manager said they don't rent these models, and together they went to the supermarket Parking lot, where he found the missing Nissan. She informed the manager that she wasn't entirely happy with the auto. After getting the auto, she stopped off at a nearby Walmart to shop, before returning to the parking lot, hopping in a black vehicle and driving home.

Both vehicles require a key fob so the woman only had to push start. Each vehicle was returned to its rightful owner. "The woman was not impressed and handed over the keys".

Meanwhile, for the next two weeks, the woman drove around in the vehicle oblivious to her mistake, though she did find it odd the "rental car" was rather dirty and had a set of golf clubs in the trunk.

Following the comical situation, police warned drivers to not to leave key fobs in their cars, because you never know who might take it. MacRae says the owner of the Infiniti had left his key fob in the vehicle, and left the doors unlocked.

None of this tipped her off, until the manager drove with her over to the Walmart parking lot where the Nissan she had rented was still parked.

"The manager and the woman, who was now confused and a wee bit embarrassed herself, returned to the auto rental company and contacted police, providing the information for the Infiniti and what took place", the post stated.

While they described it as a "happy ending to a complicated auto rental", police cast the story as a broader warning over electronic key fobs.

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