Apple Music Has Surpassed Spotify In Paid US Subscribers

Carla Harmon
July 8, 2018

The source requested that Digital Music News not share any precise numbers from the report in order to protect his or her identity, but both Apple Music and Spotify are said to have topped 20 million paying subscribers, with Apple Music taking a small (and likely growing) lead over Spotify after months of higher growth rates. While services like Pandora or YouTube bring in massive amounts of users, they don't boast as big of a paid subscription base as Spotify. According to sources from Digital Music News, Apple Music streaming service now has more than 20 million paying users in the States than Spotify. Back in February, the publication reported Apple Music would surpass Spotify in USA paid subscriptions if it maintained a growth rate of 5 percent. Apple now has the leading on-demand streaming service in the US.

Despite launching almost four years later, Apple Music's subscriber count has reportedly surpassed that of Spotify.

As the battle between the top streaming services rages on, Apple Music has reportedly beat Spotify in one of the most important areas. Spotify has an additional 90M users on the free tier, while Apple is estimated to have 5-10M trial subscribers.

In February, it was reported that the number of Spotify paid subscribers worldwide was double compared to Apple Music, but it was believed that Apple Music will catch up by the summer.

Globally, Spotify remains well ahead, with around 70M paying subscribers against Apple Music's 45M.

It's not entirely clear why Apple is beating Spotify in the United States - it could be mere brand loyalty - but it will be interesting to see how this corporate rivalry progresses in the coming months.

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