Gas prices still on the rise

Andrew Cummings
May 15, 2018

After a short break, gas prices are on the move again, but probably not in the direction you're hoping for.

You may have noticed, gas prices are up, hitting levels we haven't seen in nearly three years.

While Oklahoma saw one of the largest jumps, the average price of gas per gallon is lower than prices in 44 other states.

"Well, I would say ten cents a gallon wouldn't be unreasonable to expect", he said, "but I don't know that anybody's got a good handle on what's going on".

As a result, AAA says 36 states have seen at least a five cents per gallon rise in the price of fuel.

Hampton Roads' gas prices are 8 cents more than last week, 18 cents more than last month and 59 cents higher than a year ago.

Sticker shock at the gas pump has been most severe for motorists in OH, where the average price shot up by 15 cents a gallon. That's 20 cents in the last month.

With those sanctions being re-imposed in the next three to six months, Iran's crude exports are expected to decrease and crude prices are expected to continue to rise thanks to diminishing crude supply. After that, many places along Interstate 90 have gas for $2.99 per gallon.

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