Aliens Exist However Might Be In Parallel Universe

Pablo Tucker
May 16, 2018

Our universe is among the few fortunate ones because more dark energy leads to faster expansion of the planets, and the elements would have been lesser concentrated to stay connected and create planets and stars. Although the research doesn't rule out the Multiverse hypothesis, it suggests that the small amount of dark energy in our universe might be better explained by an undiscovered natural law. So why such a paltry quantity of dark energy in our universe?

Multiverse is a concept according to which we are in one of the several universes, in which the dark energy composition is low.

A group of scientists who study the mysterious power is called dark energy and believe that Alien life may exist in other universes. "We have found in our simulations that universes with much more dark energy than ours can happily form stars".

The dark energy quandary has actually afflicted researchers for many years, stated Jaime Salcido, postgraduate trainee of Durham University.

"The Multiverse was previously thought to explain the observed value of dark energy as a lottery - we have a lucky ticket and live in the Universe that forms attractive galaxies which permit life as we know it", saidLuke Barnes of Western Sydney University.

"I think we should be looking for a new law of physics to explain this odd property of our Universe, and the Multiverse theory does little to rescue physicists' discomfort", he added.

Two closely related research papers were published recently by scientists from Durham University.

He included: "Our simulations reveal that even if there was far more dark energy and even hardly any in deep space then it would just have a very little result on star and planet development.". The simulations were processed under the EAGLE (Evolution and Assembly of Galaxies and their Environments) project, one of the most pragmatic simulations of the observed Universe.

The matter of dark energy has been a hot topic among scientists for quite some time, and it's becoming increasingly clear that we don't have a solid grasp on how it functions - a fact reinforced by the fact that we might have been wrong about the limitations of the energy all around. This shows that the universe is still expanding in some areas and will continue to grow indefinitely.

In general, it is clear that our understanding of dark energy is lacking. This idea proves that life can exist anywhere in the Multiverse.

This opens up the prospect that life could be possible throughout a wider range of other universes, if they exist, the researchers said.

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