PM Modi warns BJP lawmakers against making 'irresponsible' statements

Cheryl Sanders
April 22, 2018

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday advised BJP leaders not to give "masala" to the media by getting into every issue as soon as they saw camerapersons, saying such "mistakes" affect the country, party and the individual's image. "We were calling them since 11 am but they were scared to come on phone, at 12 we spoke to them and then told the Indian media", PM Modi told the gathering to a round of applause. The moment we see a camera we jump to make a statement as if we are great social scientists or an expert...

"Often, our workers say that the media is doing this, the media is doing that".

During a weekly briefing on Thursday, Foreign Office Spokesperson Dr Mohammad Faisal said Pakistan has openly condemned the claims of surgical strikes and that India tried to inform Pakistan before launching the alleged strikes in September 2016.

He warned all the legislators and said not to make any ill-informed statements which could later be used by the media and urged the leaders to use social media instead to connect with the people.

The perception about the BJP that it was a party of a particular class and urban centres or north India has changed and it has emerged as an "all-touching and all-inclusive" organisation, he said. India has a vibrant multi-cultural society and adaptive and tolerant essence has accommodated a plethora of customs and traditions from in and around the country the people here not only celebrate their own festivals but also the culture that has traveled from across its borders. Modi said their hard work at the grassroot level had infused a renewed energy in the BJP. He also had a word of praise for the party's MPs and MLAs. The PM also noted that his government was focusing on key areas like education for children, opportunities for youth and medicine for the elderly. "Women in self-help groups are coming up with new employment opportunities in various sectors", he said.

PM Modi also asserted on the need to focus on skill development during the one-hour long interaction and highlighted the benefit of the Mudra Yojana. "The government wants to establish wellness centres for villages, so that people can avail the best healthcare facilities".

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