Britain says working closely with allies on new Iran measures

Cheryl Sanders
April 27, 2018

The agreement lifts sanctions on Tehran in exchange for limits on the country's nuclear development.

But as he wraps up a three-day visit to Washington, Macron also hinted at his profound disagreement with Trump's decision to pull the USA from the worldwide accord to limit the increase in average global temperature to less than 2°C during this century.

"This requires - more than ever - the United States' involvement as your role was decisive for creating and guarding today's free world".

"Together with a leader of a European country they say: "We want to decide on an agreement reached by seven parties".

"He needed to do it for his domestic and worldwide audience, showing that he's firm and he's standing by his views on that issue compared to Trump", Belin said.

Macron later told French reporters that he has no "inside information" on Trump's decision on the Iran deal but noted that it's clear the USA president "is not very much eager to defend it".

As Mr Trump considers pulling out of the 2015 Iran accord, Mr Macron made clear that France will not follow his lead. "It was a bad deal". Macon has a history with the United States, having served as a Young Leader with the French-American Foundation in 2012.

In Iran, President Hassan Rouhani sought to temper any ambition that the current deal could be changed, or even built on.

The Trump administration pulled the United States out of the accords reduce emissions and greenhouse gases past year saying the restrictions unfairly hurt American businesses and placed them at a disadvantage. His visit to the USA this week has been a charm offensive peppered with handshakes and kisses between the two leaders to pronounce their warm relations.

Trump has threatened to not sign the certification due on May 12, which might lead to the U.S. snapping back sanctions on Iran and killing the deal.

He said multilateralism and United States engagement in the world, saying it was "an essential part of our confidence in the future".

But any desire Trump had for the French proposal - and the close relationship he has established with Macron - didn't appear to overcome his steadfast opposition to the existing agreement.

Earlier, during the joint press briefing with his French counterpart in Washington House, Trump said, while talking towards Macron, "and you know what I am going to do".

"My commitment, my action is not to try to convince President Trump to walk away from his campaign's commitments or to change his mind. It may happen, like in all families", Mr Macron said.

"Whether that is sufficient I think is a valid question", he said, after Sen.

In his speech to Congress, Macron pushed the USA to consider rejoining the Paris climate change agreement, which Trump announced his country would leave past year. He reserved particular scorn for the U.S. president, who has threatened to restore United States sanctions next month unless what he sees as severe flaws of the deal are fixed. A U.S. withdrawal could undermine American credibility at the negotiating table as it seeks denuclearization in another hot zone. This is an option.

The strikes' impact on the economy will be noticeable, say analysts, and the risk of them spreading to more sectors is the first big challenge facing Macron, who marks one year on the top job next month. "But closing the door to the world will not stop the evolution of the world". It will not douse, but inflame, the fears of our citizens.

He also warned against the growing strongman-style of leadership seen in several parts of the world.

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