Another Ohio illness linked to tainted Romaine lettuce

Cheryl Sanders
April 27, 2018

Learning that two supermarket chains had recalled romaine lettuce and cleared their shelves this past weekend as a precaution following an announcement on the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention website, Paul stated: "We have the ability to grow romaine lettuce here, okay?" More than 40 people have gone to the hospital, including nine with HUS-however, no deaths have been reported.

Health officials said that most people develop symptoms like diarrhea, severe stomach cramps, and vomiting - and recover within a week.

Restaurants and supermarkets were also instructed to dispose of romaine lettuce if it came from Yuma or its origin was unknown. In fact, somewhere between 50 to 60 percent of past E. coli outbreaks impacted women.

The CDC confirmed to Newsweek that this outbreak is the worst multi-state E. coli outbreak in the USA since 2006, when almost 200 people got sick from contaminated spinach.

"The restaurant, the grocery store is responsible for any of the food that they sell you", said Marler.

FDA spokesman Peter Cassell says a recall can not be issued because no common supplier or grower has been found. Agency workers are in Yuma sifting through paperwork showing how romaine lettuce was handled and shipped.

Panera Bread officials told "CBS This Morning" they "don't comment on pending litigation", but said they "have re-supplied with romaine from other regions".

If you don't know where the lettuce is from, the CDC says, don't eat it. According to the CDC, inmates at a prison in Alaska fell sick after eating whole heads of romaine. To avoid becoming infected with a harmful strain, the CDC recommends using proper hygiene; cooking meat at proper temperatures; avoiding raw milk, unpasteurized dairy products and juices; and not swallowing water when swimming. "There are several growing regions for romaine, and numerous same brands source from multiple regions".

"This bacteria can actually get inside the lettuce leaf", he said.

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