Pink posters and pink shirts at Glenwood

Cheryl Sanders
March 3, 2018

Called Pink Shirt Day, the tradition has people of all ages wearing pink as a way to take a stand against all forms of bullying.

The group has even secured sponsorship help from a couple of local businesses including Accent Dental, Lo Elliot and Porter and McMillan, to help fundraise for Elizabeth Dry.

Students across the province were encouraged to wear pink Wednesday to bring awareness to bullying within schools. The gymnasium transformed into a sea of pink, students joining tens of thousands across the country, to say enough is enough.

And while always prevalent, it is a message that will be resounding through the halls of schools across the province today, February 28, which marks Pink Shirt Day, one of the largest anti-bullying campaigns in the province.

"I think bullying goes on behind closed doors, over texts or on social media", said Spencer Blois, while he was prepping posters for the event.

"'If everyone in the world was the same, the world would be boring", she said.

The Alberta government supports anti-bullying initiatives, such as Pink Shirt Day. "This day highlights it, but it's a message throughout the year", he said. The focus this year is on cyberbullying.

The theme of the 2018 Pink Shirt Day was "nice needs no filter", a phrase sported by the zambonis during the Battle of the Badges game at Sungod Arena. She believes it's important people continue to talk about the issue. "We need to keep our children safe from cyberbullying and intolerance in schools, in the community and at home", said Jen Mezei, president of the B.C. Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (BCCPAC). "Children as young as nine years old are asking for devices and permission to be on social-media applications", she said. He said he hopes students will leave with more empathy and compassion for others, but that must start with self acceptance. "It's about what we can do, as youth especially, to make a difference".

Merchandise sales and donations through the years to Pink Shirt Day have raised money for anti-bullying programs, with $1.8 million distributed since 2008 in western Canada.

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