John Oliver Isn't Surprised Trump Loves "Clearly Terrible Idea" of Arming Teachers

Cheryl Sanders
March 2, 2018

It is the latest preposterous declaration from Donald Trump, the most pedestrian president in American history, but for all the laughs and jeers that can be drawn as a result of Cadet Bone Spurs suddenly developing superhero syndrome, there is a more risky assertion from Trump about the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida that continues to haunt many of us.

Many in the education community rebuked the president's proposal, saying that armed teachers would not ensure safe schools and that resources should go to supporting teachers' core mission: educating students.

I was in total shock when the president's solution was to arm more people in schools, specifically the teachers!

President Trump recently tweeted that a gun-free school is "a magnet for bad people".

According to the Washington Post, Trump "claimed his idea would be 'very cheap, ' a notion that educators and others have disputed because of the training involved".

The state teachers union Education Minnesota last week said it was more important to meet the mental health needs of students, reduce access to "weapons of mass murder" and build secure schools.

See what cartoonists from around the world think about the plan. "I think if you want to be carrying a firearm, whether that would be for your protection or the protection of students in particular, you need to have some specialized training to do that". Who's to say that a lesser trained teacher would have reacted any differently? As the president himself stated Monday in suggesting he would have rushed into the Florida school unarmed, "You don't know until you test it".

Bedford County Public Schools spokesperson Ryan Edwards said in an email Tuesday that if the law changes to allow guns on campuses, the school board would have to decide whether Bedford County Public Schools would arm its teachers. They often take the blame for everything, do everyone's job, and nothing is ever good enough in the eyes of many principals and administrators.

In those 10 rounds we, as teachers, are to stop killers shooting in our schools with hundreds of rounds shot from semiautomatic high-powered rifles. "What if the cops come in and mistake a teacher with a gun for a shooter?" When you get into the school, you'll have two layers of defense.

"I want highly trained people that have a natural talent like hitting a baseball, or hitting a golf ball, or putting", he said. I don't want to be armed with my students, I want to teach my students. "You feel more safe, and you can count on them". No matter the policies they pursue-be it school entry systems or arming teachers-districts need to have tough, but honest conversations with parents, teachers, and staff before making hard policy decisions.

"This is up to the school board; if they want to arm some of the teachers, then we would certainly be right there to help them and certify them", Brown said.

Terri Daly is an elementary school librarian and teacher in Park Hill, the district a high school student threatened online early Friday.

Because, as Smoker told LNP, we're heartsick and anxious about school shootings and we're desperate for an easy solution, when no single solution exists. We don't need armed soldiers in our schools.

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