Iran pushes Europe to pressure United States on nuclear deal

Cheryl Sanders
March 6, 2018

Also a top story was an exhibition of Louve Museum's items in Tehran, which was opened by Le Drian on Monday afternoon.

On May 12, Donald Trump is expected to decide whether to continue waiving sanctions under a United States law.

Under the deal, Iran undertook to apply certain limits to its nuclear program in exchange for the termination of all nuclear-related sanctions against Tehran.

Zariff responded that Europe must "play a more constructive role" to preserve the agreement. In a speech opening a meeting of the IAEA's board of governors, Amano said the deal "represents a significant gain for verification" and that if it "were to fail, it would be a great loss for nuclear verification and for multilateralism".

Referring to earlier remarks by the French foreign minister about Iran's ballistic missile program, Zarif said the JCPOA and the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231, which endorses the deal, do not involve the Islamic Republic's missile capabilities.

"Iran has learned to rely on its deterrent power", Zarif said.

"At present, two groups have violated the nuclear deal: the United States and the Europeans".

Iran's ballistic missile capacity and position "worries us enormously", Le Drian said last week at a news conference with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

While French leaders, including President Emmanuel Macron, have criticized Iran's missile program, French companies like oil giant Total SA, carmaker Renault and airplane manufacturer Airbus have bullishly entered the Iranian market after the atomic accord, complicating any possible sanctions.

Iran's defense program is not the business of any country including France, a senior adviser to Iran's Supreme Leader said here on Saturday.

"Iran is an independent country and can defend itself in any way it sees fit whether with missiles or any other defensive means", Velayati told reporters in Tehran.

Ahead of Le Drian's trip, the French Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying he would pursue "a frank and demanding dialogue with Iran".

Velayati said on Tuesday "the French foreign minister visited Tehran at the invitation of his Iranian counterpart".

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