Alec Baldwin Talks Gun Control as Trump in SNL Cold Open

Cheryl Sanders
March 4, 2018

With Alec Baldwin saying it's "agony" playing Donald Trump, we didn't know the next time we would see him play President Donald Trump.

Baldwin-Trump riffed on Trump's surprise comments on gun control and the latest White House chaos--which the President explained was in keeping with his promise of "run [ning] this country like a business".

Though Donald Trump made a habit out of railing on Alec Baldwin's SNL impression during and after his election campaign, he has largely kept his Twitter TV opinions focused on Fox News programming and his own small screen appearances.

Alec Baldwin brought his forever-excellent Donald Trump impersonation back to Saturday Night Live for a ripping cold open that recreated the previous week's televised gun control sitdown.

When Baldwin, impersonating Trump, was asked if the president should be blasting the actor instead of running the country, he said: "I got this. Top 5? We could do better", he declared.

"The youth of America deserve to feel safe and secure in their schools", he continued, but "folks, I can only run into so many schools and save everybody... I have so much mentals", Baldwin's Trump said.

He also stated: 'I always said I was going to run the country like a business.

"They're all beating us: China, Japan, Wakanda, Wakanda!" "They got flying cars in Wakanda".

Baldwin's Trump also pointed out that America needs to heal and is now "one of the best" but "could do better", noting he said he was going to run the country like a business and comparing his ruling to that of a "waffle house at 2 a.m." where employees just walk out during their shifts.

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