World's Second Richest Man Fails Grocery Price Quiz

Andrew Cummings
February 22, 2018

Gates appeared on The Ellen Show on Wednesday, where host and millionaire of the people, Ellen DeGeneres, chose to quiz the tech mogul The Price is Right style.

But admitting the last time he was at a supermarket was a "long time ago", it quickly became clear Gates would have a hard time with the game when his first guess was wrong.

Bill Gates must be so used to seeing numbers with extra zeros at the end that he has forgotten how much everyday items cost.

So when he appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Tuesday, DeGeneres put his big grain to the test, playing a sort of "Price is Right" game she dubbed "Bill's Grocery Bills".

"They want me to go higher", he said, changing his guess to $10. Gates must keep his teeth in good shape, because he knew the cost of floss better than anything.

It showed as the billionaire missed four out of the five products. $4 for Tide Pods?

He nailed the price of dental floss.

However, we're not sure where Gates gets his pizza rolls because he thought a bag of 120 rolls cost $22. Gates thought cheap stuff, like Rice-A-Roni and Totino's Pizza Rolls were way more expensive than they actually are, and guessed expensive items, like Tide Pods, are way cheaper than their $19.97 price tag. Get it? Because he's worth like 90-some billion dollars and probably hasn't set foot in a grocery store since before Pudding Pops were discontinued.

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