White Home Is Pushing Pentagon for North Korea Navy Choices

Cheryl Sanders
February 4, 2018

"We've said over and over again that what we want to see is dialogue", Yun said, according to Reuters. Most likely, the Pentagon really is scared that Trump might decide to bomb North Korea just because it's the opposite of what Obama did.

Trump also said in his speech that the USA was "waging a campaign of maximum pressure" to prevent North Korea from being able to attack the US with nuclear weapons.

Matthew Pottinger, a senior official on President Donald Trump's National Security Council reportedly has said that bombing North Korea "might help in the midterm elections".

As the U.S. does not have a formal diplomatic relationship with North Korea, the United States president instead appoints a "special representative" to coordinate and implement USA policy towards Pyongyang.

Yun is scheduled to meet South Korean nuclear envoy, Lee Do-Hoon, Monday, the report said.

'Having said that, we also have said that all options are on the table and by all options, it has to include military options, ' he said.

"If we believe that Kim is undeterrable without such a strike, how can we also believe that a strike will deter him from responding in kind?"

The report was published following Trump's criticism of North Korea's human rights abuses during his State of the Union address.

"We have to recognize that the threat is growing and that if North Korea does not choose the pathway of engagement, discussion, negotiation then they themselves will trigger an option", he said. These tensions recently came to a head when Trump's pick for ambassador to South Korea was booted, prompting a biting op-ed in the Washington Post.

While on a National Security Council conference call with other USA officials, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis were reportedly heard expressing concern about what was described as signals that meetings scheduled by the council to discuss options for North Korea showed the effort was becoming too aggressive. For as little as $3, you can help us. Pyongyang has made a series of new developments in its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs over the past year, causing tensions between the US and North Korea to soar.

Victor Cha, who directed Asian affairs for the National Security Council during the George W. Bush administration, was widely expected to be confirmed, but instead had his nomination pulled after expressing concerns about speculation that the U.S. was floating the possibility of a limited strike on North Korea, according to.

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