Users 'Extremely' Disappointed on Latest Snapchat Update

Yolanda Curtis
February 9, 2018

Now you have to swipe left to go to a Friends page that lets you see your as well as your friends' content, including the Snapchat Stories. The publication also noted that the Friends panel is now backed by an algorithm that features people you chat with the most.

Swiping right from the camera now reveals a redesigned "Discover" page, where users will see Stories from publishers, creators, and the community.

The radical redesign has, among other things, introduced an overhauled "Discover" tab that now highlights videos from people you aren't friends with and is prioritised based on what Snapchat thinks you're going to like (aka the data it harnesses on stuff you've previously clicked on). Honestly, the best way to avoid the whole mess is to turn off automatic updates.

If so, you just have to find the installation file for the previous update and install that version. Now you have to download a File Explorer app on your Android device to locate the Snapchat APK in the Download folder. You can search online for an app's name, version number, and APK, though you should have a copy of the APK files for every version of an app you've updated. Once you do that, uninstall the newer version of the app.

The second way is to install an older APK of Snapchat on your Android device. Android users could also try to download an older version of Snapchat from here as an alternative.

If you own an iPhone or iPad, you can download the older version of Snapchat via iTunes.

This new revised version was launched on the background of the positive performance shown by Snapchat shares when it reached around 50% higher on Wednesday afternoon.

Now connect your iPhone to your Windows or Mac computer, open iTunes and select your device.

You'll need to select your device, but do not sync yet.

If you want to downgrade to the old Snapchat design, folks at Tech Advisor have found two ways to do so.

Snapchat had earlier worked better on Apple phones but the Android version had issues.

Feedback from Snapchat users on Twitter has been overwhelmingly negative.

There are many comments and statements that bash the new Snapchat update, but the users will just have to get used and enjoy whatever the company made for them.

From the main menu, tap Settings. Go to Snapchat's page on the Play Store, tap the menu button, and disable Auto-update for Snapchat. But you can for all apps.

Under Automatic Downloads, turn off the toggle next to Updates.

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