Gender pay gap at Tenet revealed

Andrew Cummings
February 23, 2018

The Government has ordered all organisations with 250 or more workers to report annually on their gender pay gap, and the remaining 8,000 are required to publish the first set of data by April.

In its annual results report, Barclays said it was confident that men and women across its organisation were paid equally for doing the same job.

Barclays has revealed a concerning trend in the global financial industry, claiming that the average salary of men in its investment bank unit is more than double that of female employees.

Tesco's Gender Pay Report 2017 said its gender pay gap was due to "career and lifestyle choices", with male workers being more likely to take shifts at times that offer premiums, such as nights and bank holidays.

"The ratio of 2:1 for men in the best-paid jobs should also be a concern to the company - and its 26 shareholders in the regional and national press".

In a statement, chief financial officer Alan Stewart, said that the gender pay gap regulations require the bonus calculation to be based on the actual hours worked without taking into account part time working.

It also highlighted the fact that it had more male staff members in senior positions.

The bank disclosed the gender pay gap data on Thursday as part of a United Kingdom government initiative.

"For the same role, regardless of gender, all our hourly paid colleagues are paid the same hourly rate and premium hourly rate", Tesco said in its report.

Franklin Templeton Global Investors board director Paul Brady said: "We recognise that a gender pay gap exists among our United Kingdom employees, with the figures reflecting a lesser number of women in the top quartiles of our pay distribution. We are not going to give absolute targets, but we'd like to get the gap down". So earlier this year we signed up to the 30% Club, which encourages businesses to achieve a minimum of 30 per cent female representation in senior leadership roles by 2020.

The data from more than 1,000 organisations with over 250 workers show nearly three-quarters are paying male employees more than their female counterparts.

As part of the process, businesses must upload a report onto a government website, as well as their own.

Firms have until April 4 to make their gender pay gap disclosures.

"One way of reducing the gender pay gap is to increase the proportion of women in more senior roles, so it appears that Barclays is on the right track". Meanwhile, two-thirds (66%) of its lower-middle quartile employees and almost three-quarters (72%) of the firm's lower quartile were female.

Bonus pay was around a tenth (11%) lower for women at Tenet, yet a similar number of women and men received bonuses - 85% and 87% respectively.

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