First 'Venom' Poster Drops Ahead of Trailer

Carla Harmon
February 8, 2018

In addition to our initial clues as to the title character's origin story, and the long-anticipated debut of the symbiote, Sony's first Venom teaser trailer offered the first look at the film's official logo.

The Sony film has released its first poster, along with a simple tease: "Tomorrow". While some assumed that was the film's official logo - star Tom Hardy did wear a shirt with it, after all - fans will likely be more happy with a version that homages the anti-hero's comic book roots.

Sony Pictures released the first poster for its upcoming action-thriller Venom Wednesday. The series begins with Venom and Spider-Man agreeing to a truce and Venom moving to San Francisco.

It's promising that the look of the teaser and the font style takes into account the "Lethal Protector" version of Venom, the character's best iteration.

According to the rumor, Tom Holland was spotted on the set of Venom for two days with it said he will appear as Peter Parker. Venom is then hunted down by the Life Foundation, a group that wants to study the Venom symbiote for their own purposes.

Sony opens Venom on October 5. At that point Alex Kurtzman meant to make his directorial debut on the project, but after The Amazing Spider-Man 2 all those plans were scuttled and Kurtzman went on to write and direct The Mummy at Universal.

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